“Folsom Prison” Johnny Cash w/ Keith Urban Signature acoustic guitar by Lynnay Della Luce

Lynnay Della Luce cover of Johnny Cash Folsom Prison using the new Keith Urban signature acoustic guitar live


It’s been a while….

So I’ve totally neglected the whole blogging thing…my bad….I’m going to do my best to really keep up with it now…a lot has gone on the past year…all for the good. The main purpose of this blog initially was to give me motivation to keep with what I was doing. I figured it I actually put my goals out there, regardless if anyone read it or not, they would manifest. It worked. I am well on my way…to somewhere, lol. I’m thoroughly enjoying the journey and I am so blessed to be able to do music for a living. With hard work and determination it is true…you can accomplish ANYTHING. Set your eye on the Prize. It might take a minute but you will get there. I am.